What is “outcall massage?”
Outcall massage means that I come to you in your home or office. I bring everything needed to give you the same level of treatment as at a spa but in the comfort of your own home. This includes a heated massage table, linens, music and lotions or oils. You just sit back and relax while I pamper you, and then you don’t even have to drive home after.
What should I expect in terms of draping?
Maryland law requires draping during a massage. Sheets and towels will be used to drape your body, uncovering only those parts of the body being worked on at the time. If you have specific questions or concerns, please let us know.
Do I need to be referred by a doctor?
Some circumstances (e.g. whiplash from a car accident) may require a note from a physician to make sure we are all working towards the same goal and to make sure your body is ready for massage after trauma. If you inform us of such circumstances when scheduling your appointment, we can let you know if a note is required before we begin treatment options.
Do you accept insurance?
Currently, we do not participate with insurance companies or file claims for you. However, we are happy to provide documentation for you to submit to insurance on your own.